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Experiment in capitalism

Fresh from the lab

Mark It Place

Businesses in your area are giving a percentage back to your favorite nonprofit


Guidance from a knowledgeable, connected, and motivated source when it comes to finding what you need for your small business. From a rep that doesn't get paid until after you're happy with the product/service



Our mission is to empower people, the businesses in their community, and the nonprofits that they support. By bringing everyone together we gain the strength to tackle the big issues. By introducing Humanitarian Entrepreneurs into the mix we believe that those big issues can become a thing of the past!

The Brand

The brand makes our projects & businesses easily recognizable to our Brokers of Good (you), helping people connect with our mission, and is the middle man between our businesses and our other nonprofit shareholders.

The Projects

The drive of every project stems from a passionate individual that wants start a business for the benefit of the community. Our brand helps them realize their dream and maximise the impact on the community.

Brokers of Good

People recognise problems in their own community and want to do something about them but sometimes these problems seem too big to tackle. By supporting Experiment Inc projects you are notching away at those issues you care about. Be a Broker of Good.


The experiment inc brand is a symbol of trust and commitment to standards that reach through all of our projects and businesses. When you see our logo you know that business is giving it's profits back to your community.

"Open Source"

Financial transparency

In our opinion, perfect financial transparency is a requirement with what we're trying to accomplish We commit that the entirety of our bookkeeping be completely transparent, in real time, online. This will take us a little time to complete. Please feel comfortable holding us accountable to this.


Being "open source" means that we welcome members of the community in the development of this organization. We will hold scheduled organization meetings live with public interaction, as part of our transparency as well as getting feed back from our users. Members of the community are encouraged to bring X Inc projects to their area, and when you have new ideas and strategies submit them for peer review and possible integration into the brand.

Brokers of Good

As a Broker of Good, you are the most important part of building a better brand of capitalism. We have designed everything so that as you use and grow this movement, you build up residual revenue for whatever cause you want.

"You want to change the world We want to help!"

Spread the word

The more people using our tools the more powerful they become! More funds going towards solving problems in your community. More funds going towards ending social injustice. More funds going to saving the environment. Whatever your cause, the more people you bring on board, the bigger the impact!

We keep track of who you sign up and at least 5% of X Inc's revenue generated through those users go to your favorite nonprofit. Think about it, every time your friend Bob goes out to eat at a Mark It Place partner, your cause gets a piece. So invite everyone you know and grow your sphere of influence.

Get more involved

Join or start a Lab Team

A Lab Team is a regional branch that comes together to build a better brand of capitalism in their area

  • Help expand the use of X inc tools in the area.
  • Help raise awareness.
  • Help local nonprofits partner with Experiment Inc to raise funds.
Lab Team HQ

The Incubator

We provide the tools, training, and environment for Humanitarian Entrepreneurs to excell and focus on their projects.




A shared brand

By joining together under a shared brand, each project, each entrepreneur is able to connect with a much larger audience. Instead of each project needing to establish its reputation in the market independently, our businesses can benefit from launching under a known and trusted name.

A shared workspace

Besides the obvious correlation to building community, access to important tools. Offices, Meeting Rooms, High Speed Internet, Information Technology, Projectors, Computers, Design Software, Storage, Inventory name a few are all important and less expensive this way. A shared workspace also allows our tenured humanitarian entrepreneurs to provide intimate and hands on guidance.


Our entrepreneurs will receive training in many disciplines including accounting/bookkeeping, marketing, priority & time management, sales, communication, etc. Our incubator will incorporate both inside and outside training. As members of our team become proficient in new arenas they will be responsible to offer training to the rest of the team in that area. Also, we will have outside professionals come in to train our team - as well as consult on specific projects.

Business development & services suite

Maybe the most difficult aspect of starting a business is the balancing act between excelling at the core competency of your business and all the the support tasks that are necessary to run the business. Our incubator comes with a suite of small business development and support services. This means that the Humanitarian Entrepreneur can focus on the main service/product while our team helps with the bookkeeping, web development, payment processing, I.T. services. This will help our new projects take off both fast and strong..


What do start-ups need more than anything.....? Capital! As humanitarian entrepreneurs meet our standards in the arenas of commitment, personal development, business acumen, they can submit their business plan to our board for analysis and, upon approval, receive captial to help launch the next X Inc venture.

A team

Who wants to do something crazy, like be a humanitarian entrepreneur alone? Not us! Our incubator provides the human element that is so necessary to staying committed, connected, and motivated to accomplish our mission. And on a practical note, each humanitarian entrepreneur brings a new and unique perspective and set of tools that we all need. Group brainstorming and collaborative sessions will be a regular activity at the incubator.


We see our incubator and brand being a great fit for educational and spiritual institutions. Universities and Colleges are currently clamoring for ways to offer entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship courses and degrees. The problem they face is that the classroom and typical coursework is not the ideal setting and way to train entrepreneurs. By partnering with our incubator, a education based organization can offer exactly what their students need through their own institution - better for the students, better for the school. There are also many spiritual institutions that are seeking to venture into the economic realm for nonprofit purposes. Because all our shareholders are nonprofit organizations, our incubator provides a great partner with no conflict of interest.

An Achademy

Eventually, we see everything above evolving into an academy that attracts, inspires, trains, empowers, and releases humanitarian entrepreneurs to change the world